Enterprise features to secure, streamline and enhance your operations

UMNI is a comprehensive content management solution, designed to deliver extensive control over displayed content for Venues or Stadia with patron-facing displays or an existing investment in an IPTV platform.
User & Role Management
Configurable role-based access control gives the right access to the right users

Role-based access control to ensure only the right people can access, edit and control the content, products or messaging they are assigned, so you can decide who needs access to sensitive content.

On-premise Hosting
Can be hosted on your network, on your hardware

In many cases you don’t want to expose your digital signage environment to the internet. Our on-premises hosting ensures your content stays in your environment, isn’t reliant on internet connectivity and is backed up in-line with your organisations policies.

Product Management
Add, edit or change products, prices and availability in real-time

Manage your food & beverage, merchandise, ticketing or goods universally across your venue. Import from, or even integrate with your Point of Sale system for real-time consistency across your entire operation

Brand Management
Ensure there is no deviation from your, your clients or your advertisers branding guidelines

With multiple operators within a system, it can be easy for branding guidelines to get missed or skewed. Our software provides you with the ability to create layouts to match your organisational design rules and enforce them across the venue. This has been developed to ensure consistency for you, your venue hirers, sponsors or advertising partners.

Customisable Layouts
Build custom and creative screen designs with our full-featured layout editor

At the core of our software is our comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use layout editor that gives you and your design team the flexibility to create whatever types of dynamic screen you can imagine.

Activity Monitoring
Get visibility and accountability of your users

With complete logging capabilities, UMNI can provide compliance and accountability of all adds, moves and changes across your digital signage, menu boards, products wayfinding and operational messaging.

Streamlined Deployment
Hardware upgrade or Greenfields environment, we can get you online and prepared ahead of time

We can keep your teams progressing whilst waiting for your new hardware or the keys to your new venue. Get ahead of the game by creating your menu designs, inputting products and configuring your branding guidelines in advance of your upgrade or opening day.

Manage menu items, prices, product images and backgrounds across one or more venues, simply.

Easily update branding, advertisements, hero products and more. Swapping graphics between venue hirers and sporting codes has never been simpler.

Provide the ultimate combination of navigation, description and graphical content to get your event and non-event day visitors where they need to go efficiently and on-time.