Simplify your IPTV management.

UMNI enhances your venue's operational abilities, reduces overheads and provides dynamic, flexible, real-time control over your digital signage.

Manage menu items, prices, product images and backgrounds across one or more venues, simply.

Easily update branding, advertisements, hero products and more. Swapping graphics between venue hirers and sporting codes has never been simpler.

Provide the ultimate combination of navigation, description and graphical content to get your event and non-event day visitors where they need to go efficiently and on-time.

Screen Manager
Full-featured, simple and intuitive software.

Granular signage controls to ensure content is displayed correctly, can only be edited by the right people and ensures venue management, advertisers or venue hirer branding guidelines are being met every time.

Who We Are
Venue Technology and Software experts

Together, the UMNI team have operated, configured and deployed technology at stadia, venues and arenas across the globe, and have designed, developed and maintained large-scale software in the technology sector. Having been responsible for the delivery of digital content for major sporting events and concerts, implementing makeshift workarounds to lessen the burden of IPTV management, we knew there were more venues out there with the same challenges. Together, we are the perfect mix of people, uniquely suited to solve your problems.

Enterprise Features
Software purpose-built for venues, with efficiency in mind

UMNI offers a complete suite of features and functionality to ensure security, compliance and uptime across your digital environment.

Flexible Role-Based Access Control to manage who needs access to specific content or functionality.

Hosted on your network, on your hardware, ensuring data and access remain securely within your environment.

Log and Audit user activity to ensure accountability and compliance within the system.

Enhance any IPTV investment or operate UMNI standalone
Cisco Vision

Cisco Vision’s end-to-end dynamic signage and IPTV solution enables you to communicate and engage with your consumers in new and more impactful ways. UMNI extends and complements the capabilities of Cisco Vision and gives creatives, managers, merchandisers, caterers and technical staff the ability to perform their roles without needing access to more complex systems.


The technology of choice for many of the world’s leading stadia, arenas and sports teams, TriplePlay delivers an improved fan experience, better engagement and a proven, return on investment. UMNI extends on the TriplePlay environment by providing granular controls and simple, real-time management of content, to the non-technical members of your team.

Standalone or Other Platforms

UMNI offers a new alternative to digital signage management for venues of all shapes and sizes. UMNI can be used as a stand-alone platform, or enhance your existing system to deliver menu boards, wayfinding, operational messaging, advertisement or promotional material throughout your facility.