A full-featured and intuitive digital signage solution

UMNI is a comprehensive content management solution for both small and large-scale Stadia and Venues. Our software operates stand-alone or enhances your IPTV investment by enabling, direct control of content, reducing the reliance on busy IT teams and gives power back to the creatives.
Menu Boards
Build beautiful menus with real-time product information and pricing.

Modern menus require flexibility and the ability to display product attributes such as dietary specifics, health attributes or alcohol percentages. With UMNI you can create and build branded, graphical and mouth-watering menus with all of these attributes, and remove the need to restart TV screens or have graphic designers on-hand during events.

Branded Content
Swapping graphics between venue hirers and sporting codes has never been simpler.

Swap your signage, branding, advertisers and sponsors over easily between major events. UMNI provides the ability to change backgrounds, hero products, advertisement logos and more, across your whole venue, with a few simple clicks.

Directional Signage
Point visitors, guests, fans and staff in the right direction.

Get your digital signage working for you. UMNI offers simple, yet effective, wayfinding functionality, the ability to manage map and custom event graphics to get your patrons where they need to go before, during and after your event.

Door Cards
Create a lasting first impression on your premium and suite guests

Suite entry screens have never been easier to manage. UMNI allows your function and hospitality teams the ability to deliver tailored and personal messages to guests, display the name of a business or advertise the name of the function happening in that meeting room.

Custom Layouts
Content of all shapes and sizes

With UMNI, you are no longer bound to creating content in the industry standard 1920 x 1080 format. Get inspired and design creative and impactful advertisements, navigation, menu or messaging screens at whatever resolution you require. Overlay menus or content on top of your IPTV feeds or be inserted into your venue-specific IPTV layouts for a seamless experience.

Enterprise Features
Software purpose-built for venues, with efficiency in mind

UMNI offers a complete suite of features and functionality to ensure security, compliance and uptime across your digital environment.

Flexible Role-Based Access Control to manage who needs access to specific content or functionality.

Hosted on your network, on your hardware, ensuring data and access remain securely within your environment.

Log and Audit user activity to ensure accountability and compliance within the system.